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Anyfile Notepad

Anyfile Notepad is a Google Drive compatible app that let's you open any type of files on Google Drive and Dropbox.

IMPORTANT NOTE : This program is a simple text editor. It will open any type of files as text and may be unreadable by a human. This will not allow you to manipulate binary files or files that have a proprietary encoding (such as pdf, doc, etc). It is meant to be a text editor for simple text files, code, or configuration files.

This app allows you to open any file stored on your Google Drive directly in your web browser. You can either open it directly through the Google Drive UI or through the built-in file explorer.

Features : - 100+ syntaxes support - Emacs and vim mode - 32 different themes - Built-in file explorer - Create new files on Google Drive directly from the app - Supports the Google Drive revisions
17-08-2018, 17:15
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